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SMS News And Mobile.de & EBay Motors

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The SMS news media GmbH and the mobile.de & eBay Motors GmbH starting from immediately working to make available to mobile.de on mobile reception devices. It announced the SMS news media GmbH in Berlin. Whenever eClinicalWorks LLC listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The aim of the cooperation is to develop new services and to provide users with information from mobile.de for mobile reception on cell phones and BlackBerrys. For mobile.de in the gateway services connects the SMS news media GmbH. With mobile.de, SMS news could persuade another large portal of its gateway services and thus strengthen its position in the rapidly developing market. We are very pleased that we were able to gain mobile.de as customers for our gateway”, Jens Weise, sales manager of SMS news. That mobile.de opts for the communications and media mix, shows how important the merging of online and mobile world in the future.” About SMS-News.de SMS news, a variety of customer-specific gateway services operates among others for large portals and banks. The SMS-news media GmbH is one of the leading white-label provider in the Development and implementation of mobile services.

As a service provider, SMS news in three areas is divided: gateway, mobile content services and mobile marketing. SMS news processes for its customers foreign content, such as stock market data and weather and provides customer-specific solutions in addition to the default gateway. Bank, McDonald’s, and Erento.com among the customers such as Deutsche Bank, Danske. The SMS-news media GmbH is represented in the mobile market since 1998. About mobile.de & eBay Motors GmbH: Mobile.de is with more than 1 million vehicles in Germany alone (Status: February 2006) one of the leading Internet market places for the purchase and sale of vehicles.

The offer is aimed both private clients and commercial vehicle dealers. According to data from Nielsen / NetRatings, mobile.de recorded 3 million unique visitors (unique audience) with an average time of about 20 minutes in February 2006. In April 2004, the takeover was completed by mobile.de through the global online marketplace eBay. The combination of mobile.de and eBay users have the ability to choose the best selling format for them auction or display. Contact: SMS news media GmbH Press Office: Jens Weise Kopenicker str. 325 D-12555 Berlin Tel 030 / 6576 3329 fax 030 / 6576 3320 E-mail: Web: