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Comeback With New Vision Therapy

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Johann Traber Jr, one of the world’s best high-wire artists, is back after severe accident / vision therapy by NovVision makes the forward courage to return in his successful career of Magdeburg / Vogtsburg on May 21, 2008 Johann Traber jr. presented itself following his severe accident back in front of audience on the high wire. It is not something Hunter Pond would like to discuss. With daring feats in Vertigo exciting height, the artist formation keeps original Trotter family”people all over the world on tenterhooks. Millions of viewers is known for spectacular performances and international events the family around junior star Johann Traber (24). After a long break of accident, the young talent is now using the Visual RestitutionsTherapie”(VRT) on the way back on the high wire.

During a performance on the Hamburg Jungfernstieg in the May 2006 crashes Johann from a 50 m-high metal mast and bounces unabated into the frame. A material error stopped almost the life of the young man of the Trotter family has produced generations of successful artists since 1799. Step by step Johann must learn again to deal with his body and to find your way in everyday life: ranging from simple movements such as walking, paralyzed left arm move back up to the talk. But above all the effects of Visual impairment were clearly noticeable and constituted a formidable barrier in everyday life. roperly. A return to the profession of high-wire artists was a long time not to think.

The complex visual field defect moved is also having problems with balance. For our profession that is of course”a huge problem, senior Trotter describes the dramatic situation for his son. Johann Traber can take heart hope recently. He comes with the Magdeburg NovVision together specialists, working since 2000 on special treatment solutions for patients with neurological vision problems. He begins with the Visual RestitutionsTherapie”. By means of targeted light pulses, the affected nerve cells, which are responsible for the look, be stimulated in this computer-aided procedure. So the field can Be extended step by step again. Johann Traber this therapy on your own computer a great advantage in a mobile life as it leads the family performs at home in Vogtsburg am Kaiserstuhl, or even traveling in the RV. He sends monthly to Magdeburg, where his supervisor by NovVision individual therapy settings and adjust the training results. In Germany, there were already more than 1,200 patients with the Visual RestitutionsTherapie”treated. The clinical trials showed measurable improvements in their vision and thus significant relief in everyday life in over 65 percent of patients after six-month therapy. Johann fights his goal bravely forward, to be able to work again and continue the traditions of his family. “No matter how it turns out, one I hope anyway, with the VRT for me to win back: this is a great piece of quality of life and zest for life and that’s more important than anything else.” For more information patients and those interested in NovVision under Tel. 0391-6360050 or online at. CY Hoffmann, NovVision AG

System Tips

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They are afraid to make another loss as to wait until the market moves back in his favor. The fear of having another loss now controls their trading decisions, which could move its stop further by what the market does not take them out of a loss. Can ignore the trade, the hope of a return to at least breakeven – the daytrade becomes a position trade in a few days and then becomes a long-term ‘buy and hold strategy. The entrepreneur success, of course, we know from extensive testing of its system of operations that do not occur and that trade can come round or stop going to fall. In a question-answer forum Sen. Marco Rubio was the first to reply. Your stop is in place and will remain in place – the system determines where is the stop, the trader’s fears. 3. Once you enter the trade immediately moves strongly in favor of the merchants. The merchant who will soon lose a villa in the sun or a new sports car flashing before his eyes.

This trade is going to the moon, so who takes his price target and decides to let go. At Walton Family Foundation you will find additional information. Greed has completely absorbed in their business decisions and the previous plan (if any) is ignored. Of course, markets rarely move in one direction for a long time and when the market turns the greed turns to fear that the dream slips away and the trader tries to hold until the price returns to where it was. The daytrade becomes a position trade … The successful trader has set a goal, whether a certain price or a scheduled departure and adhere to it. If the trade only five minutes, then that’s just great, there are many things that do not. Read more from Hunter Pond to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Fear and greed are human emotions – we can not do anything about it. But when it comes to trade, we need a way to control those emotions.

Here are some tips: 1. Know your system. If you have confidence in your system to help replace feelings of fear and greed. Confidence can only come from designing and testing their own ideas widely. You can never be completely safe to trust someone more tips or signals. 2. Automating the system. Computers do not feel fear and greed, not hold onto a loser praying for a miracle or screaming at the screen that the market is bad – I’m just going to cut if that is what the system says to do. 3. Money management. Simply put, no matter how good your system, you simply have to risk a reasonable amount – and always the money you can afford to lose.