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New Order

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The incompreenso on the part of the disciples will become visible in the hour of Paixo and Crucificao, where they had not been capable to follow Jesus (cf. Jo 16,32), with exception of the loved disciple (cf. Jo 19,25-27). To break daqui, Jesus delivers to its will spiritual, excusing advice and instructions to the disciples. 2. ' ' I give a Novo&#039 Order to you; ' I give a new order to you: that you love ones to the others. As loved I you, you also love you ones to the others. (v.34) 2,1 I give a new order to you: that you love one to the others (v.34a) Jesuses does not edit a norm/law more to be fulfilled, regrinha for &#039 is not about one; ' behavior correto' '.

What in at cf was Law (. Lv 19,18), now takes bigger and deep a direction as New Order delivers for Jesus. Imposed law cannot be to live itself obligatorily, what woman must sprout in the heart of the man/and be transparent in its attitudes as result of the faith in the God who is the proper Love: ' ' That one that he does not love did not know the God, because God is Amor' ' (1Jo 4,8). ' ' God loved in such way the world that gave its only Son to it so that all what n? It to believe (…) has the life eterna' ' (3,16). With the centralidade of the love, the Christian faith received the nucleus of the faith of Israel and, at the same time, it gave to this nucleus a new depth and amplitude. Theologian Dr. Matthias Grenzer in its study on Mc 12,28-34? where if he finds the questioning of a scribe the Jesus, referring to ' ' which is the first order of all? ' ' (v.28)? , it comments: ' ' (…) the idea appears of the necessity of a relation with God who is marked by the exclusiveness and the total commitment.